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Student Publication Submission Procedures & Policies

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How-To: Submit your DPT Capstone!

*** This information is for DPT (Doctor of Physical Therapy) Students ONLY! ***

As a DNP student, you must submit all of the following items in order to receive your Chatham diploma and have access to your transcripts:

  1. JKM Library Capstone Release Form: A short form in myChatham - visible only with a Chatham student account. All members of your group must complete this form!
  2. Electronic Copy: Your advisor will upload the electronic copy of your DPT Capstone in Moodle.

May graduation: June 1st
December graduation: January 1st

If you have any difficulties or concerns with this process, please consult the DPT Capstone Submission FAQs below.

NOTE: Please be aware that it may take up to six months for your capstone to be made available through the library catalog.

DPT Capstone Submission FAQs

Will I be notified when I have submitted everything?
No, unfortunately not. However, you will receive notification by email if a hold is placed on your account, as well as additional email notification if/when that hold is removed.

If I do not turn in my capstone by the above deadline, do I still graduate?
Yes! The requirement to submit your capstone to the library does not affect your graduation date. It only affects the mailing of your diploma and your ability to request transcripts. Additionally, as soon as you do submit everything, the Student Publication Contact Person will contact the Registrar to let them know to release both your diploma and transcripts.

The incorrect advisor is listed on my release form. What should I do?
No need to do anything. We don't record your advisor in our files, so it is fine if the wrong one is listed.

I don't see my capstone in the catalog - did you receive it?
It may take up to 6 months for us to get your capstone added to the library catalog.

Should I submit my electronic copy as a Word document or a PDF?
We prefer Word documents but will accept unlocked PDFs as well.

I found an error in my capstone and would like to correct it. What do I do?
Unfortunately, due to library staff time limitations, resubmissions are not permitted. The error will remain.

Who can access my capstone through the library?
This information can be found on the Collection and Access Policy for Student Publications page of this LibGuide.

I don't want my capstone to be made available through the library. What options do I have?
All capstones and capstone release forms must be submitted to the library and will eventually be made available. If you do not want your capstone available immediately (because you are trying to publish it, obtain a patent, or similar), you can petition for an embargo. You will need to fill out our embargo form, obtain the appropriate signatures, and submit it with your electronic copy on Moodle. To ensure that we do not make available a capstone that should be embargoed, please do not submit your electronic capstone until you are also able to submit your embargo form.