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Student Publication Submission Procedures & Policies

Click the corresponding tabs for instructions on how to submit your tutorial, thesis, or other publication to the JKM Library!

How-To: Submit your dissertation!

As a PsyD student, you are required to submit a print and electronic copy of your dissertation, as well as a thesis release form, to the JKM Library in order to receive your Chatham diploma and have access to your transcripts. Here's how to do this:

  1. JKM Library Dissertation Release Form: A short form in myChatham - visible only with a Chatham student account.
  2. Electronic Copy: Upload your dissertation through the JKM Library Student Publication Submission course in Moodle. You may submit multiple files if needed. Word documents are preferred, although unlocked PDFs are also accepted.
  3. Bound Print Copy: You will need to get your thesis bound through an approved library binding vendor. We have found that Wert Bookbinding, a local business, does a wonderful job with this type of binding. Please be aware that this can take a few weeks. We ask that you adhere to the following standards:

Cloth color = 990 black
Foil color = white
Spine lettering, line #1: Degree Acronym year last name, first initial (e.g., PsyD 2012 Doe, J.)
Front cover lettering:
          Lines #1-4: TITLE (in all caps)
          Author Name = (full name)
          School Name = Chatham University

Once you have your bound dissertation, please bring it to the JKM Library and drop it off at the Circulation Desk.


May graduation: June 1st
December graduation: January 1st
August graduation: September 1st

If you have any difficulties or concerns with this process, please consult the Dissertation Submission FAQs below.

Dissertation Submission FAQs

1. What happens if I don't submit my dissertation by the deadline?
A temporary hold will be placed on your student account preventing the release of your diploma and transcripts. As soon as you submit your print copy, electronic copy, and release form, we will remove the hold and let the Registrar know that your diploma can be mailed. You will also be notified by email when the hold is lifted.

2. Will I be notified when I have submitted everything?
No, unfortunately not. However, you will receive notification if a hold is placed on your account, as well as additional notification when the hold is removed.

3. The incorrect advisor is listed on my release form. What should I do?
No need to do anything. We don't record your advisor in our files, so it is fine if it is the wrong one.

4. I can't find the Dissertation Release Form/Dissertation Release Form won't load.
The dissertation release form is only available to fill out within a student myChatham account. If you have a staff myChatham account in addition, please make sure to log into your student account to complete the form.

5. Should I submit my electronic copy as a Word document or a PDF?
We prefer Word documents, but will accept unlocked PDFs as well.

6. I'm not graduating yet/I have an extension to finish my dissertation -- how do I stop getting the emails?
Simply email the Dissertation Contact Person listed on this page to let them know that you are not graduating this semester or that you have an extension on your dissertation. They will then remove you from the email list.

7. I thought I submitted everything, why am I still getting emails?
If you think you have submitted everything, please email the Dissertation Contact Person listed on this page and ask which parts are missing. They are also happy to double-check and make sure something hasn't accidentally slipped by without being recorded.

8. Who can access my dissertation through the library?
This information can be found on the Collection and Access Policy for Student Publications page of this LibGuide.

9. I don't want my dissertation to be made available through the library. What options do I have?
All dissertations must be submitted to the library and will eventually be made available. If you do not want your dissertation available immediately (because you are trying to publish it, obtain a patent, or similar), you can petition for an embargo. You will need to fill out an embargo form, obtain the appropriate signatures, and submit it with your print copy.