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Information Literacy: JKM Library Resources

Books & Articles in the Databases

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Books at JKM Library

Integrating information literacy into the higher education curriculum: practical models for transformation
JKM Library 1st floor, Faculty Development - 028.707 I583r

Assessing student learning outcomes for information literacy instruction in academic institutions
JKM Library 2nd Floor - 028.7 A733a

Assessment in science: practical experiences and education research
JKM Library 2nd Floor - 507.127 As73m

Information literacy collaborations that work
JKM Library 1st Floor, Faculty Development - 028.707 I546c

Student engagement and information literacy
JKM Library 1st Floor, Faculty Development - 028.707 St823g

Information literacy programs: successes and challenges
JKM Library 2nd Floor - 028.707 I546D

Teaching information literacy skills to social sciences students and practitioners: a casebook of applications
JKM  Library 2nd floor - 028.707 T423c

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