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Circulation Desk

My Library Accounts

ACCESS your Library Account right here:

Your Chatham Username (don't include the  

Your Chatham Password (the one you use for your email) 



Find your 6-Digit Chatham ID Number:

It's printed on the front of your Chatham ID card


But I'm a distant student and I don't have a Chatham ID card:

1. Log into my.Chatham 

2. Look for your name in orange in the top right hand corner of the dark gray band at the top of the screen (ex: Hi Jennie).

3. Click on your name and you will see all of your student information, including your Chatham ID number


I still can't locate my Chatham ID number:

1. Call the Reference Desk at (412) 365-1670

2. We will verify you are you

3. We will tell you your Chatham ID number


My Chatham ID number isn't 6 digits:

If you have a 5-digit Chatham ID number, you need to put a 0 in first to make it a 6-digit ID number

Faculty may allow their student assistants to retrieve materials for them from the JKM Library.

In order to set up a proxy borrower account for a student assistant, a faculty member should contact the Head of Access Services, noting the name of the student assistant and indicating that permission is granted for that student to check out materials on his or her behalf. Please note that by requesting a proxy borrower account, you agree to the following:

  • Materials checked out by your student assistant as a proxy borrower will be listed in your account. You are responsible for the timely return of those materials as well as any fines or fees incurred.

  • The proxy borrower agreement is good for a single semester. If you would like to extend the proxy borrower account, a message should be sent to the Head of Access Services.
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