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Library Rooms & Spaces

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For information on library spaces, individual rooms, and group rooms and how to access them, click on the corresponding tabs.

Reserving the Lobby, Vestibule, and Porch

Aside from individual/group study rooms and labs, the library has several other spaces that can be reserved for events.

  • The Lobby is perfect for a larger event, such as Edible Books.
  • The Vestibule is the ideal location to have a bake sale, set up a donation box, juggle, or display art!
  • The Porch is a great space to reserve for outdoor events. Since it's covered, it stays shaded on a sunny day and dry on a rainy one.

To ensure that these spaces are available, please make a reservation.

How to make a reservation:

  • In person at the Circulation Desk.
  • By phone – call the Circulation Desk at (412) 365-1245.
  • By email – send an email to and include:
    • Your first and last name
    • An email address you check regularly (preferably Chatham email)
    • Date of reservation
    • Beginning and end time of reservation
    • Estimate of how many people in your group, and
    • room preference, if any.

On the day of your reservation:

  • Stop by the Circulation Desk to find out space availability.

No Reservation?

  • If no one is using the space, it may be freely used by any library patrons
  • You will need to leave if someone with a reservation arrives
  • Access is on a first-come, first-serve basis
  • Stop by the Circulation Desk to find out space availability.

Food and drink are allowed in the library, but please clean up after yourself before you leave! Recycle and dispose of all waste properly. Report all spills immediately to the Circulation Desk.

Accountability: The person who makes the reservation is responsible for the timely removal of all display and event items.