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Student Publication Submission Procedures & Policies

Click the corresponding tabs for instructions on how to submit your tutorial, thesis, or other publication to the JKM Library!


You can submit it to the library in these easy steps:


1. Agreement form only    2. Upload only  3. Deliver Print Copy
-or, if you are ready - Do both (1&2) at the same time!   


You may do this in any order that suits you, but keep in mind that the preferred order helps to expedite processing. Regardless, make sure to do all three before the deadline:


You may do the 1) Release Agreement  and 2) Upload forms separately, or together with the JKM Library Release Agreement w/ Upload Form ,* which allows you to do both sequentially.  When uploading, you may submit multiple files as needed, in any standard format. Word documents are preferred, although unlocked PDFs are also accepted. Before selecting file(s) for upload, please rename or insert your name somewhere in the filename(s) to help expidite processing: (i.e. JDoe_paper1.docx, Miller_H.xlsx, mAnderson.gif, Abou-Khalil.pptx ...)

3) Get your tutorial or capstone bound at the Copy Center (located in the basement of Falk). Bring your hard copy to the library and turn it in at the Circulation Desk.

The version of the paper being submitted must be the finalized, error-free copy that includes any corrections recommended during your final board meeting (Please check your title page! Spell check does not check words written in all caps). Resubmissions will result in a time consuming replacement process, so please be mindful of errors and anything that may need to be redacted in the future (i.e. social security or any other highly personal information).

Tutorial / Capstone / Thesis Submission FAQs

1.  How do I know if I am required to submit anything to the library at all?
2.  When is it due?
3.  Will I be Notified?
4.  What if I don't turn it  in - can I still walk?
5.  What about margins? 
6.  What if I can't get the page numbers to work properly ? 
7.  What upload formats are accepted? Word, PDF, other? 
8.  I'm not graduating yet / I have an extension - how do I stop getting emails? 
9.  Why am I still getting emails
10.  I'm not able to come to campus to get my paper bound - what do I do? 
11. Is there cheaper way to print and bind?
12. Who can see my work
13. What if I don't want it to be seen?

1. How do I know if and what I am required to hand in to the library?

Ask your advisor if you want to make sure. Each department mandates their own specific graduation requirements.


2. When is the due date to submit my tutorial/capstone?

If you would like your diploma released on the first day possible, the Library must receive all three parts of your tutorial or capstone (print copy, electronic copy, and release agreement) by the appropriate "Submit by" date listed below. If you submit it after that, your diploma will be delayed. As soon as you do submit your work, however, we will let the registrar know that your diploma can be mailed. "Submit by" dates are as follows:

May graduation: Submit by June 1st.

August graduation: Submit by September 1st.

December graduation: Submit by January 1st.


3. Will I be notified when I have submitted everything?

No, unfortunately not. However, you will receive a notification if a hold is placed on your account, as well as additional notification when the hold is removed. You will have the opportunity to print and/or email yourself an official receipt of materials.


4. If I do not turn in my paper by graduation, can I still walk?

Yes! The requirement to submit your work to the library does not affect walking at graduation in any way. It just affects the mailing of your diploma and your ability to request transcripts.



5. The Tutorial Manual says I need to have a 1.5 inch margin on the left side of the page. Is this really necessary?

No, it's not. The binding used by the Copy Center is very minimal. Plus, many students double-side their tutorials or capstones, which puts the 1.5 inch margin on the wrong side on the back of every sheet. 1 inch margins are perfect.



6. I can't get the page numbers to work correctly. I need Roman numerals and Arabic numerals in different sections of my paper. What do I do?

This is a very common problem. Microsoft has instructions on their website for how to do this. It can be a bit tricky, so if you prefer, you can split your Word document into several files and then upload them. We will then use software to combine it into one file.



7. Should I submit my electronic copy as a Word document or a PDF?

We prefer Word documents, but will accept unlocked PDFs, as well. In fact, any format that is pertinent to your work can be submitted (i.e. movie files, spreadsheets, databases, etc.) If they don't upload the first time then contact for assistance



8. I'm not graduating yet / I have an extension to finish my project -- how do I stop getting emails?

Simply email the Contact Person listed on this page to let them know that you are not graduating this semester or that you have an extension on your senior writing project. They will then remove you from the email list.



9. I thought I submitted everything, why am I still getting emails?

If you think you have submitted everything, please email the Contact Person and ask them what parts are missing. They are also happy to double-check and make sure something hasn't accidentally slipped by without being recorded.



10. I'm not able to come to campus to get my tutorial or capstone bound at the Copy Center. What do I do?

The helpful folks at the Copy Center are happy to coordinate with you to print and bind your publication even if you can't come to campus. Please give them a call at 412-365-1108 to set this up.



11. Is there any way to save money when printing and binding the project?

To print your work, first use your print quota. If you are out of print quota, have the Copy Center both print and bind your tutorial or capstone They will print black and white for 5 cents/page instead of the 10 cents/page that additional print quota amounts cost. It costs $2 to bind each copy at the Copy Center. (All monetary amounts are accurate as of Spring 2014. The library does not have any role in deciding these costs.)



12. Who can access my tutorial/capstone through the library?

This information can be found on the Collection and Access Policy for Student Publications page of this LibGuide.



13. I don't want to submit my work to the library. What options do I have?

All student publications must be submitted to the library and will eventually be made available. If you do not want your capstone/tutorial available immediately (because you are trying to publish it, obtain a patent, or similar), you can petition for an embargo. You will need to fill out our embargo form, obtain the appropriate signatures, and submit it with your print copy.